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A game about building the very best Bot from the parts you have! With that, you'll have to do missions which will reward you with more parts.

Bot Building
Your Bot can be customized in a variety of ways! There are multiple chassis parts to swap out (head, left/right torso, arms, legs) as well as internal parts contained within the chassis. You can't just keep stuffing parts into the chassis though. Each chassis part can only contain internal parts up to a certain weight, so manage carefully!

The missions are diverse: There are search-and-destroy missions where you take out any enemy bots you find; there are item retrieval missions where you have to steal something from under the enemy's nose; there are building demolishing missions where a building has to be destroyed because it contains evil weaponry. Reconnaisance  and convoi escort missions exist as well.

There's even multiplayer to have some fun with your friends! It includes both a deathmatch mode and "Capture the Hat", which is a variant of the popular  "Capture the Flag" gamemode.

In addition to this,  there is plugin support, meaning you can mod the game to your heart's content with new missions and bot parts.

S-RC Bots is available for Windows and Linux in both x86 and x64 versions.


Buy Now5.99€ EUR or more

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